The Sandbox Campaign

Letter to Lord Alforge StoneShield

from Bran Stryker

My Lord Stoneshield,

I know that, like the others I have written, you will never read this letter in this life, for you have passed to the other side. Much is still foggy about what happened that day…but enough of that…Much has happened since I left to search out your only remaining son. I write this while recovering from wounds received at the claws and teeth of a bear. It is nothing serious. I will be myself in a day or two. It was a minor thing, but I could not run and hide if it meant leaving others in harm’s way. Your son, Volunder, was there.

Volunder has changed. He has become something different than what your family raised him to be. He is not what he was. He has become something more. He has grown into a good man. But the bigger question, the one that I cannot answer yet, is if he has become the one that can lead the Stoneshield family back, that can lead us back…

Bran Stryker



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