Event Timeline

A simple timeline of what has happened in the game …

Day 8: Fend of grizzly bear, arrive in Kingsport for rechristening festival, meet Father Zantus, trade with Pillbug.

Day 7: Attacked by goblin riders before dawn, aid Evan Orm who departs to the east that evening.

Day 6: Continue journey to Kingsport, slay two-headed demon.

Day 5: Attempt forced march to Kingsport, suffer from fatigue and exhaustion.

Day 4: Reach Westmont Estate now overrun by small plant men, Tom rejoins party, surrounding terrain shows evidence of attack on Westmont Estate, resume journey to Kingsport, Volunder and Tar receive visions about attack on Kingsport.

Day 3: Tom told to leave party.

Day 2: Encounter with bridge sentries, Rob and Tom allowed to join the party, begin journey to Westmont Estate, discover hidden underground chamber with undead skeletons.

Day 1: Depart from Magnimar (historically known as Wuldar’s Way) and take the Lost Coast Road to Kingsport, goblin ambush at night.

Event Timeline

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