That Which Can Eternal Lie

Chapter 1: The Legend of Kingsport

Kingsport, a small fishing town on the Varisian coastline, is a hard working, close-knit community that keeps to its own affairs, and the town holds little interest to anyone else. Merchants, travelers, and even an adventurer or two who are passing through the region find a decent enough welcome … as long as they do not mention the Haunted House. Few know of its existence and fewer know its location. However, the scattered and whispered tales are enough that strangers occasionally descend on Kingsport, either in search of hidden treasure or simply to satisfy their curiosity. Unsurprisingly, the native townsfolk have no desire to indulge outsiders who intrude upon their quiet town.

Alas, an ancient horror has awakened in the world! Its evil has gained a foothold in Varisia, where pockets of death and destruction ignite the countryside. Unknown by its citizens, Kingsport and its quaint legend are at the crossroads between saving the light of a new dawn or falling into a night of everlasting darkness.

The Sandbox Campaign